Sep 16 2007


Aluminium sheet metal works for use in motorized sports:
  • Aluminium tractor-pulling hoods according to NTTO/ETPC rules, stock or modified to your specifications...

  • CD IH-1066
    e.g. compact diesel hood IH 1066 aka "Terminator" (~17kg. €950,= exl. VAT)

    CD IH-3688
    e.g. compact diesel hood IH 3688 aka "Europen Maid" (~15kg. €800,= exl. VAT)

    CD Ford-9600
    e.g. compact diesel hood Ford 9600 aka "Rabbit G'n Mad" (~15kg. €1000,= exl. VAT)

  • Aluminium tanks etc. for diverse motorized sports, sizes and shapes to your wishes...

  • fuel hex. 10l vert.
    Aluminium fueltank hexagon 10l. vertical. (€150,= exl. VAT)

    fuel round 3,5l hor.
    Aluminium fueltank round 3,5l. horizontal. (No cap version €110,= exl. VAT)

    fuel hex. 10l. hor.
    Aluminium fueltank hexagon 5l. horizontal. (€125,= exl. VAT)